Portrait of Dawrat Duangdee, director of My Thai Center, the home of the real Thai massage in Bologna, Italy

Why should you choose My Thai for a real Thai massage in Bologna?

By choosing My Thai, you get all the benefits of a traditional massage, oil massage or foot massage, and you also get to live a unique experience, alone or with a partner.

By choosing My Thai you choose the real Thai massage in Bologna. Here’s why.


True experts at you service.

My Thai is a true Thai massage center, one of the few where this ancient art gets to be practiced in accordance to its millenary tradition.

Warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Meet Thailand in Bologna: you will be warmly greeted, you will feel at home and you will experience the best massaging experience, ever.

Qualified theraphists.

Our masseuses have all been trained in the very best Thai massage school, with the knowledge that has been passed down from Bangkok’s Wat Pho temple.

Customized treatments.

Besides traditional massages, we also offer customized treatments to meet your needs, especially when someone is affected by aching or contractures in specific areas of their body.


Thai massage treatments on a young man and a young woman at My Thai Center, the home of the real Thai massage in Bologna, Italy

All of our treatments should be chosen accordingly to your time schedule and the type of massage you prefer, please check out our website for details.

To book a real Thai Massage in Bologna, please call our reception via Phone or WhatsApp Voice Call at +39 391 7655744.
Or visit us in Via Boldrini 10/C, Bologna.

The center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., including Saturdays and Sundays.