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Welcome to the category page collecting articles dedicated to those who want to visit Bologna, where you will discover everything this fascinating city has to offer.
Welcome to the cultural heart of Italy, where historical charm and modern beauty come together in a symphony of unique experiences. Bologna, with its millennial history, is a must-visit destination for lovers of food, art and culture.
Explore its ancient World Heritage-listed arcades, admire its medieval towers and one of Italy’s best-preserved historic centre, savour Bologna’s world-famous culinary tradition and immerse yourself in its vibrant and unique atmosphere.
In our articles, we will guide you through the main attractions, must-sees and unique experiences that make Bologna a jewel of Italy. Whether you are interested in art, gastronomy, history or simply the beauty of an authentic city, Bologna will not disappoint.

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna. A fascinating square and one of the things to do in Bologna

Top 10 things to do in Bologna.

Known for its ancient University, for its towers, porticoes, its historic center, one of the largest and best preserved in Italy. But Bologna is also known for its food, culture, monuments and museums, as well as the jovial and sincere spirit of its inhabitants. Here are our tips on things to do in Bologna. 1 […]