My Thai Massage Center

Welcome to the heart of Thai wellness in Bologna: the My Thai Center, the only authentic Thai massage Center in town.
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Immerse yourself in the culture of traditional Thai massage, where every movement is an art and every touch is a unique experience that will benefit your body. Discover how our team of highly qualified Thai therapists, trained in the best schools in Thailand, are able to tune into your body, detect tension, tiredness or needs, and rebalance your vital energy.
From the serene atmosphere, to the careful choice of music, soft lighting, clothing, loungers, facilities, soft, clean towels, to the organic oil we use, every detail is taken care of to make your visit to the My Thai an extraordinary experience.
Whatever Thai massage you prefer, we are here to guide you on a unique journey into the world of wellness. Welcome to My Thai, the ideal place to discover the real Thai massage in Bologna.