Young woman listens to Chris Collins music during a Thai massage at My Thai Center in Bologna, Italy

How to make a perfect thai massage by choosing the right music.

At My Thai, the only Traditional Thai Massage Centre in Bologna, we believe that music is essential to make the experience of a massage unique, in addition to the soft lighting, cozy environment and qualified therapists. This is exactly what happens with the music that Chris Collins creates!

During a perfectly performed Thai massage, our body and mind start a journey that involves all our senses.

Similarly, our hearing is stimulated by music, one of the essential components of a relaxing massage. The right music creates for our customers an environment of deep intimacy, and much scientific research has ascertained the therapeutic and beneficial properties that music delivers in our bodies, but above all in our minds.

After a long search, we found Chris Collins’ music to be ideal. Since then, it has become an integral part of our Centre and accompanies all our massages, thanks also to our professional audio system.

We had the chance to interview him and find out more about his life, his work and the benefits of his music. Following what he answered.


Portrait of musician Chris Collins, composer of the ambient music that can be heard during a massage at the My Thai Center in Bologna, Italy

First of all, we would like to ask something about yourself. How did you get into your profession as a musician and what is your experience in relaxing music for massages, meditation and other holistic practices?

Thank you so much for using my music and for your interest in me and my work. I have been a music lover and music creator since I was a kid. I can recall making electronic music in my early years on our family desktop computer, using a program (and a method) very similar to the one I use today. I have had the dream of making music that inspires people for many years. I can remember laying on the ground of my bedroom, doing my homework, and listening to soundtrack music—dreaming of being able to make something that could make people feel the way I did listening to such beautiful music. 

I ended up studying music in school and writing music in my free time. I started selling and publishing my music professionally almost 15 years ago. For many years I had been listening to ambient, meditation, and new world music. I was also very interested in meditation, yoga, Taoism, and all things “zen”. I read many books about mindfulness and buddhism. One day I decided to create some ambient music for meditation and it became my most popular piece of music. From then on I started creating lots of relaxing ambient music for holistic practices. Since then I have created a huge collection of ambient music and my music has been featured in thousands of projects and meditations around the world. Millions of people meditate to my music, sleep to my music, and use it for holistic practices such as massage, yoga, Tai Chi, etc. I have made it my specialty and have spent many years learning and working to improve the craft of creating music in this style. 

We are sure that you also think, like us, that the right background music is an integral part of a well-done massage. Can you also tell us, in your opinion, why and how it can contribute to its success?

Music has such an incredible ability to completely transform an experience, convey emotion, and open the mind and heart of the listener. It does this so effectively and quickly, often without the listener even realizing it. For that reason, it is my favorite art form and it fascinates me endlessly! I have found relaxing/ambient music to be particularly influential for myself and have heard from so many people about how it has influenced their lives as well.

Massage, much like music, is such a personal and emotional experience. You are connecting with another person and experiencing an amazing release of tension. You are also connecting with your body at such a deep, vulnerable, and powerful level. To pair an experience like this with music has the potential to be an even more incredible experience. The massage and the music work together to open yourself up to such a deep and transformative experience (for both body and mind). It is my hope that my music will help your clients to have the best possible experience.

Are there any rules to follow (of course we don’t want to know all your secrets 🙂 to create music that is able to produce such deep relaxation as we have noticed in our clients? Are there any specific rules, tonalities, speeds or instruments to be used? What are the music secrets of Chris Collins?

Creating music is such an abstract and personal process, so it’s difficult to say what is needed. I will say that I have spent a long time working on this craft and paying close attention to the feedback of listeners. I also have a very deep appreciation for this style of music and have listened to the genre more than any other. There is something that seems to “click” for me when it comes to this kind of music. When you hear it, it just works!

To be more specific, however, I tend to keep my music harmonic and based on traditional styles and classical styles. For example, I often use chord progressions and structures that you might hear in classical music (or even pop and jazz), but it is hidden nicely within the ambient style. I want to work with what your subconscious is already familiar with, but to add something new and special as much as possible.

Some other things that I do are to keep my tempos around the typical speed of a human heartbeat. That has always been something I try to do. The instrumentation has to be very serene and light. I have learned that certain instruments are not good for this type of music. My favorite instruments to use are synths, harps, piano, strings, bells, chimes, etc.

There are also other ambient music techniques that people enjoy, and that I often use in my music. For example, I have a selection of tracks with binaural beats, 432 Hz music, and a couple 528 Hz music tracks. These are all popular in the relaxing/ambient/meditation music community.

I am so honored to have my music used at your massage center and I truly hope that everyone will enjoy it. Thank you so much!


Recording studio of musician Chris Collins, composer of the ambient music that can be heard during a massage at the My Thai Center in Bologna, Italy


Thank you, Chris. It’s us who are honoured by you answering to our questions and letting our customers listen to your music while relaxing with an authentic Thai massage. And if you pass by Bologna one day, please come visit us. The massage will be on us, with great pleasure!

We are waiting for you, for the perfect music of Chris Collins and the perfect massage of My Thai, in Via Boldrini 10, Bologna to provide you with a unique experience every day, Saturday and Sunday included, from 10 AM to 20 PM.
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Images by © Chris Collins, cover image by © Andrea Piacquadio – Pexels.
Chris Collins’s music: https://indiemusicbox.com