Couple massage

Couple massage: to share a special moment with someone you love.

To celebrate an anniversary or for a special occasion. To make your Bologna holiday even more special or to simply surprise your partner, give someone or yourself the present of a couple massage.

Are you looking for something special that will truly amaze your partner? We suggest you try the couple massage.

At our traditional Thai Massage Center in Bologna, we have set a special room with two beds where you can share a special moment with the one you love.
You will share the whole experience together and stay close while two professional therapists shall perform a synched massage on the both of you, allowing you to feel the same thing at the same time.


Couple massage


The Thai massage, that can be traditional or performed with oil, is based on finger pressure, compressions and assisted stretching.
It makes you expel toxins, improves your blood flow and liberates energy
. It is relaxing but very beneficial for your body and mind, erasing nervous tensions and, consequently, stress.

The cozy atmosphere you can experience at our Center, coupled with the top competence of our Thai therapists, trained through years of practice, will make your experience memorable and unique, just as the moment you’ll be wanting to share with your partner.

You can only booking by calling +39 391 7655744, for the price for 2 people of €120 for 60 minutes massage and € 170 for 90 minutes massage. 

Come and enjoy an experience you will only be able to live at our Center in Bologna.

We’re ready to welcome you!

You can check our website to find out everything about our Center, the treatments, the etiquette and our prices.