Young woman during a Four Hands Thai Massage treatment at My Thai Center in Bologna, Italy

Discover Super Relaxation with our Four Hands Thai Massage Experience.

Four hands are definitely better than two if you want a different experience than usual, like having two massages at the same time or discovering what super relaxation is.

What is a Four Hands Thai Massage?

It’s a Thai massage (traditional or with oil, depending on your preference) performed by two therapists working simultaneously and in synchrony on the same client. With great skill and harmony, they perform the same movements, each focusing on one half of the client’s body.

It’s not just a massage where all the actions, pressures, manipulations, stretches and turns are doubled. It’s like getting two massages at once!

Does doubling the manipulations double the benefits?


When performed in sync, like a perfect and rhythmic musical duet, the benefits of Thai massage are doubled in half the time.

But don’t think that the Four Hands Thai Massage is only for those who are short of time: we have had clients who have gone beyond the typical hour of traditional massage with the Four Hands option!

It’s a type of massage that can also double its benefits (if you want to discover them all, read here) and is a real panacea for severe muscle tension, long periods of fatigue or demanding sporting events.

It’s really two massages in one session.

And beyond the original experience compared to traditional massage, it requires not only therapists who can work in perfect harmony with each other, but also extra-large beds and rooms, just like the new rooms in our centre.

But the real surprise is yet to come. Do you want to know why this type of massage is the only one that can give you super relaxation?


Why is the Four Hands Thai Massage the only one capable of delivering super relaxation?

Relaxation is one of the goals of any massage session.
But why can two masseurs give a massage that is even more relaxing than a traditional massage?

It’s because of the way our mind works.

When two different sides of our body are massaged at the same time, our brain has great difficulty in choosing which movement to focus on. Because of this confusion, it has no choice but to surrender and let go of its attention, allowing the body to relax completely..

.Whether you’re feeling particularly tense or anxious due to the responsibilities of work or life, or if you’re looking for something unique like super relaxation, try a Four Hands Thai Massage at least once – you won’t regret it.

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