Young couple during a Traditional Thai Massage in Bologna.

My Thai, the traditional Thai Massage in Bologna.

A massage Center where tradition, qualified therapists and a magic atmosphere all merge together to provide you with the traditional Thai massage in Bologna.

Thai massage is a wellness voyage that can help you balance your mind and body energy. Passed down from masters to apprentices through countless generations in over 2,500 years, it combines acupressure and palm pressure with assisted stretching techniques inspired by Yoga practices: it opens your body, both physiologically and energetically.

Thai massage is not a medical treatment, it is rather a bio-natural discipline that can grant you several benefits: it increases vascular activity, makes you expel toxins, activates and generates energy, abates musculoskeletal pain, relieves your mood and gets you into a state of internal peacefulness.

A captivating experience that will make you feel as if you have just been teleported in the Land of Smiles, so that later you can come back to your everyday life fully energized and stress-free, just as if you had just come back from a Thailand vacation.

My Thai is the only Massage Center in Bologna that can claim the heritage of the Original Thai Massage and provide an authentic treatment respectful of a 2,500-year old tradition.


Original Thai Traditional Massage Center in Bologna. My Thai. Centro Massaggio Thailandese a Bologna, Via Cesare Boldrini 10/C

To book a traditional Thai massage, please call our reception via Phone or WhatsApp Voice Call at +39 391 7655744
, or visit us in Via Boldrini 10/C, Bologna.

The center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., including Saturdays and Sundays.