Lisa McQuery, U.S. travel writer, during a Thai Massage session at the My Thai Center in Bologna, Italy.

An american in Bologna: Lisa McQuery tells all about her experience at My Thai.

Lisa McQuery is a travel writer from the United States, who came to pay us a visit. On her blog – “Get lost with Lisa” – she tells all about her thai massage experience at My Thai in Bologna, in her typical ironic style.

Lisa McQuery is a travel writer who has traveled the length and breadth of the United States-her home country-Europe and Asia. She has chronicled her experiences in almost every state in North America and Europe, in her blog ‘Get lost witk Lisa’ dwelling on the more enjoyable aspects of life. Her reviews and travel stories all revolve around wine and food tastings, the most curious destinations, must-see evenings and clubs, and leisure activities, broken down by each of the cities she visited. Her blog also features top-ten and outtakes from her very entertaining videos.

Passing through Bologna on her travel to Italy, she visited us.
It was Lisa’s first experience with Thai massage, and we are glad she tried it with us: thanks to the expertise of the practitioners at the My Thai Center in Bologna, she was able to try an original treatment, exactly as if she were in the Land of Smiles. Which also provided him with benefits he did not expect.

Lisa McQuery wrote a very encompassing piece about us, filled with lots and lots of pictures. We think it will surely prove very useful to many tourists out and about in Bologna, looking for a moment of pure relax.

Lisa is a very funny and pleasant person, and if you watch the video, we’re sure you’ll agree!


You can read the whole piece on her blog “Get lost with Lisa”, but we are pleased to include some highlights from the article here for you.

Needless to say, we appreciated her words so very much.

“The massage center itself is a very calm and relaxing environment. Not just because it’s quiet with wonderful calming music, but also because of the tone in which the staff speak. It makes you drowsy from the time you arrive until you leave.

Let’s set aside for a moment that after only ten minutes with my masseuse, the notion that I was at all flexible was thrown clear out the window. Instead, let’s focus on the good that came from that massage. For one, my body felt really loose afterward. Which surprised me since I was so tense during the massage. The stretching did my body good, and I could feel it even days afterward.

And lest we not forget the obvious fact that while Daow is tiny, she has the strength of a lumberjack. The woman could lift me, pull me, throw me… it was quite surreal. And while it’s not a massage that I would normally seek out, it’s certainly something I would recommend to other people if they’re into that sort of thing.

I love small businesses like this with the friendliest people working hard to do good by their customers. And of course, when you arrive, make sure to tell them Lisa sent you!”

Thanks Lisa, come visit us again soon!


Original article copyrighted by Lisa McQuery.
Photos and video source: Getlostwithlisa.com.